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  • Member for 14 years, 5 months
  • Last seen more than a month ago
  • Full-stack/front-end web developer since 1999.
  • Strong with the command line, design patterns, SQL and regular expressions.
  • Debugged Javascript parseInt/radix issue in 2000.
  • PHP experience on-and-off since 2001, Java since 2002.
  • Created one-file, 60-line "bare bones mvc" PHP framework in 2007, downloaded several thousand times before being migrated off to github, now as "JackRabbitMvc"
  • Created "DeskML" platform around 2010/2011, a rough equivalent of Adobe AIR (and now Node-Webkit) using a TCL-based platform and just 100 lines of glue code.
  • Speaker at technical user meetings
  • Writer of pre-publication technical reviews
  • Focused primarily on the front end since 2009
  • Participation in interview of other potential software developers
  • Discovered way of emulating various frameworks' document/ready functionality by simply using setTimeout/0.
  • Five years' experience with ExtJS, and more recently some Backbone, Angular 1, and Angular 2 (and, of course, jQuery)
  • Working with Vue.js as of 2017
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