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Full stack developer. From BSD kernel to mobile apps with nice GUI.

I've published WiFi Map Explorer on the Apple App Store, for iPhone, iPad and Mac computers with Apple silicon SoC. This is the ultimate swiss army knife for network exploration and troubleshooting, with features you will not find on any other app on the store, like building an accurate heat map of your WiFi network coverage: see the app web site for more information or the sources on github.

As a main spare-time activity, I have maintained VPN-over-DNS and the cloud service that came with it during more than 10 years. It contains:

  • some open-source client software for data exfiltration, for those times when everything else is blocked, available on Windows, Android, Unix/Linux and Mac OS X;

  • a free VPN service to connect from these clients to the Internet by means of DNS tunneling.

By day: 3D printing, electronics, ...

By night: programming (network and security), Angry Birds, ...

At work: IT security, IT security and IT security.

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