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I am an associate professor at Denison University, where I teach courses and do research in mathematics, computer science, and statistics. In math, I'm mostly interested in questions involving (semi) model categories, Bousfield localization, and algebras over (colored) operads. I like to apply my work to unstable, stable, equivariant, and motivic homotopy theory, to homological algebra, and to representation theory. In computer science, I think about graph theory, randomized algorithms, streaming computation, genetic algorithms, data science, and data systems. In applied statistics, I've done research (often with students) related to the opioid epidemic, policing and protests, gun violence, and a host of other topics. I've also begun to dabble in economics, biostatistics, and pedagogical research, thanks to my co-authors. In my spare time, I travel as much as possible. As of 2023, I've visited 143 countries and published 31 papers and a book.

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