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Business Name: Magnagroup (ITW PP & F Korea Limited)

ITW PPFK’s world-renowned brands (most of which have been serving the MRO markets since 1965) include: 1) "OMEGA"; ultimate lubricants for the industrial & automotive niche markets & 2) "MAGNA" maintenance welding consumables, 3) "CORIUM" industrial chemical products, and 4) "ZetaLube" A new lubricity dimension evolved from experience.

Services/Products: lubricant manufacturer, lubricant wholesale, lubricant distributor, lubricant supplier, industrial lubricant manufacturer, automotive lubricant distributor, welding service, custom arc welding, gas welding brazing, industrial maintenance chemicals

Email Id: [email protected]

Phone Number: (852) 2967-6360


Address: 13th Floor, Unit B, PAX Tower, 609, Eonju-Ro, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul, Korea 06108

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