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Feature request: answered/viewed ratio badge
4 votes

This badge will be awarded for questions that are easily answered by a google link or something like that. Not sure if we should support that. A lot of time (each question that has views but no ...

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Should we cap reputation gained from questions at +2000?
4 votes

I really don't think that this is a good solution. The SO community depends on questions. Without questions, you can't earn any reputation by answering them. I understand that some people who earn a ...

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Cache downvote count in profile for longer
Accepted answer
3 votes

I personally don't think that this is a big problem. Indeed it can be an advantage if you're downvoted by your opponents. Other users that are visiting the question often vote up if you're at -1 for ...

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What topics would you like to learn at DevDays 2011?
1 votes

Microsoft Surface Developing multi-touch enabled applications for Microsoft Surface.

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