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I am currently developing a website in VB.Net with CSS/SASS, JQuery and JQuery UI for Heritage Art Papers Ltd for my final year project at university. The website has a full administration frontend for editing what end users see on the customer frontend. My aim over the period I am working on it is for administrators to eventually be able to add and remove attributes for specific types of item (that is: Range, Collection, Design, RangeCollection, CollectionDesign and RangeCollectionDesign [the final product with a product code]). They will then be able to reference these in the item template for the catalogue by using square brackets. Over time the system should become very sophisticated, and should log all actions (big or small) and highlight the important ones to admin - for example hacking attempts. The project has recently been handed in so I can now pay full attention to the website. I know CSS/SASS, HTML (obviously), ASP, ASP.Net (VB), PHP, Java and a bit of JQuery/JQuery UI. I would like to learn C++ or C#, but to be honest I just dont have the time at the moment.
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