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124 votes

I am sorry. Please, accept my apology

76 votes

What is considered acceptable feedback?

58 votes

Why is SE gutting the CM team?

46 votes

How can we put pressure on Stack Exchange Inc. without damaging the community?

39 votes

"Scripting the Future of Stack Overflow" blog post discussion on MSO

38 votes

New Post Notices rollout on Stack Overflow

35 votes

Is SE still safe for queer/trans folks?

34 votes

Is SO/SE about to be sold (and does that explain recent events)?

30 votes

Checking in with "*Monica*" users

29 votes

The NEW new "Be Nice" Policy ("Code of Conduct") — Updated with your feedback

28 votes

As a regular user, what is my incentive to continue to contribute?

25 votes

If someone is hurt by a literary reference, should it be removed?

25 votes

Will the public Q&A network stay completely free, and remain the company's main focus?

20 votes

Neopronouns or trolling?

17 votes

Turn on Hot Network Questions list on Stack Overflow на русском

16 votes

Show off your hats! (2019 edition)

15 votes

How should low-reputation MSE users express disagreement with a (proposed) network-wide change?

15 votes

Posts and comments minimum length validation being bypassed by the U+2800 Unicode character "⠀"

13 votes

Could you tell me what was rude about my answer and how I can avoid making the same mistake in future?

13 votes

I feel that lately the answers to my questions on Stack Exchange are low quality

12 votes

I feel helpless. Is there anything we can do to help guide SE?

12 votes

Is there any valid reason to delete the "SE Inc answer" given to "Firing community managers..."?

12 votes

Profile Page Makeover, Part 2: the Prototype

8 votes

At what other sites do people discuss Stack Exchange?

7 votes

Expand tag filter with additional options

7 votes

Post for clarifications on the updated pronouns FAQ

7 votes

Cannot make a comment that contains the characters "-1"

6 votes

Has Stack Exchange seen an outrage like the current one before?

4 votes

Is it OK to translate and repost Stack Overflow questions/answers in different language?

3 votes

Is there any policy reason why language sites have badges named in English?