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My core skills are Data and Domain modelling, using Java 1 thru 1.8, JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular 2+, Python 3, Regexes and writing parsers. In recent years doing data transformations and conversions in the job scheduling marketplace. Back in my IBM Synon days I developed bespoke enterprise solutions for customers.

For my current employer:

I have:

  • Developed a conversion tool in Java 1.8 converting AutoSys to Tidal.
    • Parsing text to database via APIs.
  • currently working on
    • a dSeries to Tidal conversion (job scheduling again with Java 1.8).
      • XML to database via Java APIs, MongoDB for usage reporting.
    • a Redwood to AutoSys conversion using Groovy.
      • incorporating XML/Oracle database
  • gained Automation Anywhere V10 + V11 + A2019 Advanced RPA & Masters Certifications.
  • written a C# Windows Form generation app, that takes an XML file and generates screens, complete with validation rules/combo boxes etc, that can be used to drive multiple inputs for an Automation Anywhere workflow. Much better than the individual prompts AA provides out of the box - and easier than Microsofts own implementation.
  • written some C# DLLs and Test harnesses for metabots revolving around enhanced Excel manipulation and JSON parsing.
  • written a VBS script to extracting multiple regex groups out of a string in one shot that Automation Anywhere V11 can utilise.
  • written a Java XPath processor for, for the Pharmacovigilance sector, that extended the capabilities of Automation Anywhere.
  • used Python 3 & SqlAlchemy data conversion from Tidal to AutoSys job scheduler.
  • developed an Ionic 3 mobile App for AutoSys Job scheduling - with some custom Java web services server-side.

Prior to this:

  • I gained knowledge of Java, Spring, Hibernate, Groovy, Grails, Adobe Flex and .NET.
  • Many moons ago I developed bespoke enterprise solutions on the AS/400 in Synon.
  • And further back still IBM S/36 with COBOL and RPG.

I would also be interested using into any of the following as part of a project: Rust, Go, R, React, React-Native, Jest, TypeORM, Presto, Airflow, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, Apache Spark.

I've also participated in Hackerrank challenges

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