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Axel Fontaine
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Axel Fontaine is a serial entrepreneur, public speaker and software development expert based in Munich.

He is the founder of CloudCaptain (previously known as Boxfuse). Their self-service cloud deployment platform enables hundreds of small and medium size companies to focus on development, while they take care of infrastructure and operations. CloudCaptain reliably and securely provisions our customers' applications in the AWS cloud and updates them with zero downtime thanks to their unique immutable infrastructure with minimal fully baked machine images approach. They also take care of all supporting resources including elastic IPs, load balancers, databases, security groups, DNS and more so that their customers can focus their attention where it matters most: delighting their users.

In 2010 Axel also created Flyway, and grew it into the world's most popular database migration tool. By late 2017 he extended the project beyond its open-source roots and turned it into a very successful business, acquiring many of the world's largest companies and public institutions as customers for the new commercial pro and enterprise editions we launched. After just under two years of very rapid growth, he sold the company to Redgate in 2019.

In the past he has also spoken regularly at many large international conferences including JavaOne, Devoxx, Jfokus, JavaZone, JAX and more about a wide range of topics including modular monoliths, immutable infrastructure and continuous delivery. As part of this he received the JavaOne RockStar speaker award and thanks to his broad industry contributions he was elected Java Champion by Oracle.

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