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Mark Storer
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I used to work at Zenimax Online Studios, as a programmer on Elder Scrolls Online. I was a "kitchen sink" programmer, having worked on just about everything at one point or another.

Prior to working at ZOS, I worked at SOE (and was laid off as part of the whole "daybreak games" thing, grumble grumble). Prior to /that/ I was a programmer working in Java/C++ on e-forms, primarily PDF.

Back in the day, I was a PDF specialist (for far too many years), but had been broadening my horizons. I used to be a committer on iText. I also worked with Eclipse for a couple years, and have some small experience developing plugins for it.

VI > Emacs. Tab characters are evil and must be destroyed. Oh, and "Final Fantasy" never should have had even one sequel, much less whatever the hell it is they're up to now. Final! It's right there in the name.

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