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Who I am

Occasionally misunderstood to be a generalist, I'm an autodidactic polymath with a particular knack for bridging the gap between the technical and the creative. Design process and philosophy bleeds into marketing, manufacturing methodology enables better communication in front of a keyboard, construction techniques inform web scaffolding, and code documentation lends itself to policy writing.

What I do, and how I do it

For the better part of the last decade, I've challenged companies to be more ambitious and pragmatic, and helped them execute on particularly robust projects.

As a consultant, I am most often brought on to address a design or development need. This is almost always a forcing function for getting serious about product development, product marketing (read: growth hacking), and branding, all of which I am happy to get involved with.

I prefer to start with a general direction, some requirements and a key stakeholder to reach out to for decisions when necessary, but I am open to situations requiring refactoring or a steeper onboarding ramp as well. I find working with teams to be most rewarding when expectations from each are clearly outlined from the get-go.

On the technical side of things, I am most productive using ruby, git, sass, and coffeescript with tools like rails, middleman, or sinatra and deploying to heroku, github pages, or AWS.

I see design as much more than the visual evidence that it has happened. Content comes first, whether that means 250 words of homepage copy or a handful of portfolio images and a call-to-action. Visually, I avoid following design trends too closely, preferring to take lessons from each and produce designs that are appropriate for the audience and era. I've found myself pretty consistently 2-years ahead of trends this way without being overly flashy about it.

My philosophies on web development are represented fairly accurately here.

What I'm not

After working in this industry for 12 years, I've learned a few things that don't work as well for me:

  • I am not a Wordpress developer. While it's impressive what some professional teams do with software intended for enthusiastic DIYers, I prefer to use tools that enable me to use best practices to develop best-of-breed websites.
  • I am not interested in being compensated in stock when I am not on the board or at the C-level. This doesn't apply to cases where liquidity is not an issue.
  • I am not fond of projects with more than a couple of stakeholders, or with middlemen. I need to work directly with a decision maker to work productively.
  • I am not an illustrator, or a logo designer, or a graphic designer. I am happy to liaise with individuals in these roles to accomplish broader work, but I myself am stronger at other roles.
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