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Working on..

Final Defect. An immersive sim game I'm building in UE5. See: https://twitter.com/finaldefect

Ion Alpha. The goal of this is to build a suite of tools for indie developers, to help them research, build and market MVPs. Though it is half-developed, I've decided to first build a game and use the platform to grow it as proof of the platform's value + spread risk on multiple projects. See: https://twitter.com/ionalpha_

Stackweaver (stalled, unreleased). Edu platform for full-stack web development. This is a huge multi-year project. The initial release will contain a dev buddy matchmaking system to help people find others to learn and collaborate with. The matchmaker is mostly done but nothing has been deployed yet.

Current tech stack: Kotlin, Ruby, Go, React/Vue/TypeScript, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, Elastic Search, RabbitMQ, Redis, Mongo, maybe Kafka in the future.. too many bloody toys!


I’ve been in web development since around 2008 working across frontend and backend, mostly freelancing but had a full-time job for a few years. Currently travelling, contracting and building side projects.

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