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46 votes

How can we improve the mod tools?

43 votes

Recent Mass Football Spam

24 votes

Tag labels are hard to read, since the font color was changed. Should the change be reverted?

14 votes

The newer close reasons don't account for questions that are too general and require lengthy answers

8 votes

SE's spam filters: Add "Keto" to the blocklist

8 votes

Concerns about my downvoting with comment on established users' posts as a moderator

6 votes

Merging technical sites with Stack Overflow

4 votes

Improve palette and contrast for color blind users

1 vote

Suggest a question for the 2013 Stack Overflow User Survey

1 vote

Make "help" in top bar a link to a help page, so I can middle click it for new tab

-2 votes

Let's hold language in comments to the same standard as posts