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I am a Chilean debater-slash-programmers on languages like C(++(?x)), JavaScript and PHP, and develop plugins for the DokuWiki software. I also have a position in my city's LUG as well as a small organization pro digital rights.

Short ago I "came back" to C++ after leaving in pursue of other interests circa 2004. I found the language has changed a lot. In the meantime I have worked around with JavaScript, PHP and, for a very short while, Fortran; and I have closely followed implementations of CSS3 and SVG.

  • What I like about the new C++ (C++0X?): auto and decltype are lifesavers; also initializer_list, array, explicit conversion operators (waiting for my compiler to support it).
  • What I like about Boost: Format. Definitively -- no sprintf but close enough.
  • What I still want the language to have: naturally iterable enum (or at least enum_iterators), math-like comparisons (if (x < 18 <= 21*y) ...), Unicode as source (for identifiers like const std::set<int> ∅ and for UDT-bound operators : T operator⊕ (T,T) w/o conversion), recognize that most people do actually have keyboards and screens already (portable kbhit()?).
  • What I have toyed around with DokuWiki: gil (currency plugin), progrecss (CSS progress bars), tooltip, divalign2 (paragraph align), noiewarning (like the one for Wordpress!), linkbonus (WIP), the Spanish forum (mod!), media checksum parser (WIP).
  • What I use JavaScript for: SVG animations, sidebar collapsing, chrono, dynamic styling, Nibbles, xkcd-console. Element hiding? Use Opera's :focus demo. Form validation? That's server-side. Always.
  • What worries me about CSS3: they bring border-radius, but no parent selector yet. Unneeded ids everywhere!
  • What I fondly remember: GWBasic.
  • What I want to try next: Python.
  • What I won't touch with a twelve km pole: Java and its schools. Also, DRM.
  • What I do for my LUG: prepare network admin hacklabs, fill role as secretary, try and organize events, warn them about Google dependency.
  • Preferred message hash method: SHA-256
  • Pet: kittens.
  • Sleep: too few.

Contact me: via this forum or via my area's LUG, Gulix (Chile).

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