Jarek Potiuk
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  • Principal Software Engineer in a Software House he co-owns and where he used to be the CTO: Polidea
  • PMC and Committer of Apache Airflow Airflow.
  • Co-founder of Airflow Summit - Online conference for Airflow Users and developers Airflow Summit
  • Co-founder of MCE Mobile-developers and designer conference in Warsaw, Poland. MCE

Technology enthusiast, software engineer (er .... gardener) by heart.

Currently focused on OSS (Apache Software Foundation data-related Project), but not forgetting about Mobile, Telecom and DataProcessing past - especially at the time when he led as Tech-Lead/Manager 4 teams of engineers in Google's R&D office in Cracow and developed hi-throughput Telecomm backend systems in Computaris and System Analyst at Procter&Gamble

Former choirist who likes to do stuff with his voice.

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