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Luke Van In
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Polyglot software engineer currently specialising in developing mobile applications for iOS using Swift, Objective-C and C.

15 years professional experience building software for various platforms (mobile apps, backend services, web apps). 4 years experience with iOS, including 2 years with Swift.

Located in Western Cape, South Africa - willing to relocate anywhere worldwide.

Currently developing iOS apps professionally, and games in my spare time (approx 4 years). Previously used to develop rich media sites, desktop apps, and games using Flash (approx 6 years). Started my career developing web sites using PHP, MySQL and JavaScript (approx 5 years). User interface design and digital graphics using Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, etc. throughout my career. Interests:

  • App architecture
  • System design
  • User experience
  • Performance optimisation
  • Cross platform
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