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I found this site while looking for an answer to a specific question of grammar. I created an account so that I could ask a question, though I see now that I could have submitted one without joining.

The English language is a relative strength for me, and so I'm often offended by what seem to me to be mistakes in written or spoken language in a way that I believe is similar to the way my husband is offended by an out of tune string on a guitar. He doesn't seek the offending sounds--they simply assault him.

Although I usually cannot explain, certainly not with the appropriate jargon, the specific nature of the errors that disturb me, research tells me that when I think something is wrong, I am usually correct.

While on the one hand I wish I could experience the bliss of ignorance in these matters, on the other I have always had a great affection for and a strong desire to know in greater depth the details of proper English language usage. And now, due to a notable health-related degradation of my previous slightly-greater-then-average-yet-unquestionably less-than-stellar language skills, I feel an increased need to work on improving those skills. So I plan to spend more time at this site, and, hopefully, having a user account will prove helpful to me as I do so.

(I welcome cordially proffered suggestions for editing this content.)

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