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Practical effects of the October 2023 layoff

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Feedback for The Loop: March 2020

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I'm stepping down as a meta moderator — in response to recent actions by the company

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Should Senior Stack Exchange Community Members be enabled to vote Stack Exchange Executive Staff off the payroll?

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Document pronoun policy debate exclusion from scope

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How can one appropriately and constructively criticize or complain about a Stack Exchange employee on Meta Stack Exchange?

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Close as Too Localized when the error message is a specific and exact pointer to the problem?

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Explain reason for "not an answer" flag

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When answering old questions, is there a limit to how old it should be?

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low-rep user rolls back a good edit

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How to find out what was downvoted or why reputation droppped?

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What new things can be done to increase participation in MSE?

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Give me time to approve edits to my questions

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Why is improving tag coverage considered a "non-substantial edit"?

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Is it a violation of the rules to ask a programming question that has a really easy answer?

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Having sub-sites hurts SO

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Explanations over "Doing It For You" in answers

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How long are moderators supposed to serve?

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Right-click to preview question without leaving the main page

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A modest proposal for voting about controversial historical questions

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Do I have to write "I have tried" when I ask something?

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How to search for questions that I might be able to answer?

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SO Metabadges proposal (not: badges on meta)

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Why can't comments be edited?

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Content change after flagging

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Indentation only edits in python code