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  • Professional developer for 15 years.
  • Enterprise development on Delphi, Java, Python — 10 years.
  • Frontend/Fullstack development on JavaScript — over 5 years.
  • Have an extensive experience in React/Redux development.
  • Have an expirience in fullstack development on NodeJS.
  • Have an experience in Python.
  • Have an experience in Svelte.

What company am I looking for:

  • Hiring based also on life values, not only tech skills.
  • Posibilities for making choices and taking responsibility.
  • Good and supportive atmosphere in team.

About me:

  • I love programming.
  • I love creating products.
  • I love people (seriously).
  • I'm a big fan of automation. So when I have to do some repeatable tasks, I'd better write a script for it. Sometimes it takes more time :)
  • I need to fully understand what am I doing and for what purpose, otherwise my motivation is affected. I don't want just to do tasks. I want to do tasks for the sake of purpose.
  • I dream about extending my area of resposibility to business tasks.
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