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Report high-Google-ranking Stack Exchange content copiers here
5 votes This site is stealing SO content without attributing. Example 1: I searched Google for "Apache Filesmatch" and got, which is a ...

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Editing doesn't change the question
Accepted answer
5 votes

Well, it was my ISP doing some aggressive caching. I switched to another ISP and now it edits the way it should.

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See all users on Stack Overflow, sorted by reputation
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Re-add "not a real question" as closing reason for
2 votes

There are a lot of things that are valid on this site that aren't questions. These include: Bug reports Feature requests Stuff that you need to bring to attention to moderators (when flagging doesn'...

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Why is this accepted answer not listed at the top?
1 votes

When the OP writes an answer and accepts it, it is not automatically pinned to the top. It behaves like there is no accepted answer at all.

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New answers only show after several hours' delay
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I changed my ISP from eircom to upc. Fixed now and browsing is much, much faster!

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