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10 Mathieu's life as a programmer began with GWBasic.

After an unfortunate journey taking him through the restricted lands of Pacal, Delphi, VB, Java, C++, C#, he finally discovered Ruby.

Going from not knowing Ruby to knowing Ruby was for him a revelation of roughly the same order of magnitude as discovering programming. He discovered Git at about the same time he started working with Ruby professionally, and had the same kind of revelation for source control.

Needless to say, both tools are now the underpinnings of most of the things he undertakes programmatically.

Mathieu can be observed in the wild, sometimes going under the name of webmat. He will often be rambling ( about programming, Git or working on open source projects.

He is the author of git_remote_branch, a tool that helps common mortals like him trivially manipulate branches published in shared repositories.

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