Gerald P. Wright

I wrote my first program almost 30 yrs ago now.

Experience - 20+ yrs in industry using a wide variety of languages/tools including PowerBuilder, VB 3 thru .Net, VC, C+, C++, C#, MS SQL & Oracle, and Java

10+ yrs as a Professor of Computer Information Systems teaching everything from VB to Java to Graphics Programming, DB Design, Networking to Project Management

10+ yrs as an IT consultant. Due to my dissertation work (see below) I have dramatically reduced my consulting work over the last couple of years. One of my most interesting assignments was taking an SQL statement that took over 16 hours to run and after two days of optimization I got it down to 8 minutes.

I'm currently working on my PhD dissertation in Organizational Management with an IT specialization, which should be completed by summer. Once that is completed, my current plan is to start taking certification exams toward a MCPD.