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The homework tag is now officially deprecated
45 votes

If only we could find a way to embed one of these into the final product of everyone who posts on the homework tag.

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Once again confused about what is not an answer
Accepted answer
8 votes

This was my mistake. The first time I read the answer, I incorrectly interpreted it that way. I've undeleted the post, and removed the comment the post was converted into. Couldn't tell you how I ...

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A more "meta" logo?
8 votes

@Adam Davis posted: Currently the only thing I can think of is the error message that occurs when an error message can't be displayed due to a problem with the error message handler Which made me ...

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Please alter the robot detection system to do the smart thing and recognize when a user has recently and repeatedly passed such tests
7 votes

If you want to avoid the captcha you should try reading through your edits more thoroughly before submitting them. Think about it and make sure the changes you make are the ones you really want to ...

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Is Winter Bash making users upvote, downvote, and answer randomly to earn caps?
6 votes

Before starting to write this post I agreed with you, as I noticed this around ios related tags yesterday. It seemed that common knowledge questions were being up voted through the roof. Well, I just ...

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Why there is no invert tag selection for the filter setting?
1 votes

If you look under Your profile > Preferences you will find a favorite tags and ignored tags sections. You can simply add your disliked tags to the ignored section and select the "hide ignored tags" ...

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