Y Kamesh Rao

  • Hands on design, implementation and debugging experience with Big Data systems using Hadoop/Java, Kafka, HBase, Cassandra, Hive and AWS Tech like S3, DynamoDB, SQS, SNS, SWF.

  • Quick learning skills and ability to apply the right tool for the problem. Hands on knowledge of Java/J2EE/Spring for complex, scalable and distributed backend development using caching systems of Redis/Memcache for sub-100ms response times. Using RoR for Rapid Prototyping of MVP. Mobile App development using iOS.

  • Extensive and comprehensive experience of operating, firefighting, debugging, fixing high scale and distributed systems handling 90+ billion requests on a daily basis deployed on a fleet of 2000+ machines. Knowledge of tools and techniques to monitor such systems effectively and efficiently.

  • Varied and extensive domain experience and expertise in Advertising (RTB platforms, bidding engines, identity and cookie matching, targeting, reporting), eCommerce/mCommerce (content ingestion, storefronts for mobile, payment system integration, reporting, analytics), Geo Spatial Apps (geo tracking platforms, mobile/web app development), Video/Multimedia and Social Media Applications.

  • Early career 6+ years startup experience involving multi roles of Product Management and Marketing beyond the technical (Architect/CTO) roles delivering results in a timely fashion to help pitch for the ever-pivoting product and platform.

  • Entry-level understanding and knowledge of Machine Learning algorithms and associated tools and techniques.

  • Hands on experience with gRPC, FlatBuffers, Protobuf, RocksDB, RAFT consensus based system design and implementation.