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Hello, I am Dictum Mortuum, an on line persona which was created around 2005 on the 339 forums. I've been writing guides and articles on d&d character optimization since 2007, to help roleplayers improve their D&D experience.

A Little Bit of History

"339" refers to the pre-Gleemax Character Optimization forums, because of the number in the board's URL. I wasn't really active there as a handbook writer (or even a poster - I mostly was lurking) until 2007. Most of the handbooks on 339 where mostly old and for widely used classes, like Wizard, Druid, Cleric. I was playing a lot of D&D during that time and had many character ideas that involved underused classes like Hexblade. I had a build that was able to reduce my opponents' saves by a large amount, which was devastating coupled with a primary spellcaster using disabling spells. I wasn't completely satisfied with my build, so I opened a thread asking for help, but that, too, wasn't enough for me. So I started a handbook, exploring the Hexblade class and focusing heavily on debuffing and disabling. After that, I opened several handbook threads, with varying success or usefulness (probably the highlights where the "guide to writing guides" and "the basketweaver's handbook").

After the forums moved to Gleemax, because of several problems, most 339 optimizers moved to another forum,, a much better environment for handbook writers: handbooks and guides were on a separate forum, moderators where a lot easier to contact and the code used in the posts was not changing every six months (which required heavy editing of the posts, especially with stuff like [sup][/sup] tags). I moved there most important guides (based on number of posts and views) and left back on the 339 forums the rest. My brilliantmageologists days where not as busy as I was back on the 339, but there are several guides I wrote exclusively for that site.

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