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12 votes

Is everything OK at Stack Exchange now?

0 votes

Transfer upvotes on comments to stars in chat

4 votes

Responding to the Lavender Letter and commitments moving forward

27 votes

What's the reasoning behind the vote button tooltips having changed?

2 votes

Formatting Sandbox

42 votes

Add an immediately visible indication that a user is a staff member or an employee of SE

22 votes

The company’s commitment to rebuilding the relationship with you, our community

3 votes

Some improvements to blockquotes

3 votes

Formatting Sandbox

5 votes

How can I see all of the current per-site "Featured on Meta" posts?

4 votes

Concurrent bounties in questions

0 votes

When is a featured post not featured?

67 votes

We need to stop hoping for change in, or help from, SO Inc

6 votes

If Stack Exchange ceased operations tomorrow, where would you go for Q&A?

10 votes

I am sorry. Please, accept my apology

20 votes

I feel helpless. Is there anything we can do to help guide SE?

25 votes

Thank you, Shog9

4 votes

Perception - "Does this answer your question?" reads as sarcastic or 'snarky', not 'friendly'

8 votes

How can I solve the 'Body cannot contain ""' error when trying to post?

3 votes

What are the next steps we as a community should take?

4 votes

What purpose does Meta Stack Exchange serve for *you*?

3 votes

What new things can be done to increase participation in MSE?

2 votes

Is it time for a SE Volunteer Labor Union or similar organization?

7 votes

Why do you stay?

74 votes

Does continuing to talk about Monica actually do her any good?

4 votes

Let's use Town Hall chats to bridge the gap between company and community

9 votes

What other policies does Stack Exchange need?

3 votes

Allowing disabling notification from comments

68 votes

An apology to our community, and next steps

2 votes

How to remove or correct blatantly incorrect answers when the poster refuses to update