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135 votes

Dear SE, please stop disparaging the moderators in the press

134 votes

Practical effects of the October 2023 layoff

110 votes

We'd like your feedback on our new Code of Conduct!

70 votes

We're testing advertisements across the network

64 votes

Why were the Code of Conduct changes received so negatively, and what can / could have been done to change that?

64 votes

Let’s improve our site navigation

60 votes

Stack Exchange is failing its community

58 votes

What is needed for users to trust the Stack Exchange company?

54 votes

Stack Exchange’s image hosting arrangement with Imgur is ending - advance notice

37 votes

A/B testing the sticky vote controls

33 votes

Toward a philosophy of Chat

32 votes

Does the Stack Exchange suppress the personality of moderators?

31 votes

Time for a major shift in strategy and approach

25 votes

Should Community Managers remain impartial during Moderator elections?

23 votes

Drop "noisy" comment flags from the moderator queue unless an answer has 5 or more comments

21 votes

Our Design Vision for Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange network

20 votes

We have updated jQuery to 1.12.4 - please report related bugs here

20 votes

Brace yourselves: The GDPR is coming!

16 votes

My new account is brand new and I can't submit answers

15 votes

How to diplomatically inform a moderator you disagree with aspects of their decision

15 votes

How do I change (enlarge) the font size of a phrase in my answer?

13 votes
Accepted is broken (When does Winter Bash 2014 start and end?)

13 votes

Where can I ask for help purchasing and building a computer?

12 votes

Should we have special accounts for bots?

12 votes

Is "too complex" grounds for not accepting an answer?

12 votes

Can we limit chatbot accounts' privileges to chat?

12 votes

What to do with images containing URLs / adverts

12 votes

If we built two-factor authentication for Stack Exchange OpenID, would you use it?

12 votes

How should low-reputation MSE users express disagreement with a (proposed) network-wide change?

11 votes

Does the integration of Jobs and CVs threaten anonymity as a feature of Stack Exchange?