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I am interested in many areas of math including topology (point-set, algebraic), functional analysis, Banach spaces and algebras, real analysis, complex analysis, measures and distributions, group theory, rings, fields, Galois theory, number theory, graph theory, numeric analysis, special relativity, matrices, non-standard analysis, foundations of mathematics, logic, categories and probably some others I am not thinking about right now!

I love to question basic assumptions and also like to create new connections between different areas. I have been playing with math since I was about 4 years old (my father was a mathematician too) and also grew up playing with computers too.

My favorite math book right now is the Princeton Companion to Mathematics which contains hundreds of interesting articles and has given me many new insights into topics I thought I already knew. :-)

I have bachelor and masters degrees in math from Cambridge University. I started a software company a few years after that, which is still one of my sources of income. I have lived in UK, Holland, USA and now Permanently Traveling in South America. As part of the PT life I sold and gave away 95% of the contents of my house and stored the rest in 2011. I also sold my car. Less is more!

I have many other interests including language learning (currently Spanish!), dance, painting, improv, 2012 changes, honest communication, energy healing, teaching Kundalini yoga, EFT, gender, futurology, history (especially of WWI and WWII), alternative history, reading science fiction and mystery books. Just like in my math investigations I follow the joy!

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