Mohnish is: A human being driven by values & a programmer who cares about people & his craft | Experienced is in backend development(6+ years), primarily using Ruby | Having basic experience of functional programming using Elixir | An open source contributor | A blogger | A believer in Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam

Some of his open source project contributions:

  1. Codebar Planner - The project that powers https://codebar.io/
  2. Hexpm
  3. Elixir language
  4. Elixir Lang Website - including adding a Debugging chapter in collaboration with Jose Valim

Some of his side projects include:

  1. [Ruby] A sales tax problem here
  2. [Rails] An Expenses app built using Rails

Some of the Ruby articles that he's written include -

  1. How to Setup RSpec, Factory Bot and Spring for a Rails 5 Engine
  2. Learnings from facilitating a Ruby meetup where people solved an Exercism kata via Pair programming

❖ Guest blogs

❖ Some of his speaking opportunities include

Do feel free to reach out if there's anything you'd like to reach out on by dropping an email to mail4mohnishj@gmail.com :), have a great day ahead! :)