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I'm a german iOS developer, working right now for NeoMedia Technologies, the global market leader in 2D mobile barcode technology and infrastructure solutions. I'm the lead developer of the iOS version of the NeoReader barcode and 2D code reader. It supports scanning and saving 1D barcodes, QR, Data Matrix and Aztec codes. It recognizes a variety of code content types, e.g. phone numbers and email addresses, and allows users amongst other options to add these to their Contacts. The main advantage compared to other scanners is in my opinion the plain and simple user interface, and the variety of code symbologies it is able to scan. If you want to know more, try it out yourself, you can get it in the App Store or here for free.

I'm mainly interested in Objective-C programming, and I like to code elegant and terse, yet with a high readability and good code structure.

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