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686 votes

Firing Community Managers: Stack Exchange is not interested in cooperating with the community, is it?

260 votes

We need "assume good intent" back in the Code of Conduct

243 votes

Firing mods and forced relicensing: is Stack Exchange still interested in cooperating with the community?

80 votes

Profile Page Makeover, Part 2: the Prototype

69 votes

Thank you, Shog9

68 votes

Is Stack Exchange in violation of New York labor law, in using volunteer moderators?

68 votes

Bookmarks have evolved into Saves

53 votes

Feedback for The Loop: March 2020

50 votes

Boycotting The Loop will not help

49 votes

Changing the question reopening experience

47 votes

Does the strike letter oppose AI?

46 votes

New onboarding for review queues

45 votes

What happened to the Moderator Council?

41 votes

An apology to our community, and next steps

39 votes

What privilege should 30k users get?

36 votes

Can you please consider to use the word "please" more often?

34 votes

Looking for stats related to possibly coordinated comments flagging

32 votes

Where do I ask non-mainstream physics questions?

32 votes

Why aren't moderators moderating but wait for high-rep users to do it?

31 votes

Is it time for a SE Volunteer Labor Union or similar organization?

28 votes

How can we empower per-site mods to more efficiently dispose of network spammers?

27 votes

Regular users should not be able to ignore moderators in chat

25 votes

Farewell Yaakov and thanks for the haiku!

22 votes

Add an immediately visible indication that a user is a staff member or an employee of SE

22 votes

Why are these comments considered acceptable on the site?

22 votes

Change the way deleted users are shown in the Community Moderator Elections page

21 votes

What's the best of Stack?

20 votes

Feedback post: Moderator review and reinstatement processes

20 votes

The profile page is getting a makeover (Part One)

19 votes

We're working on a new stat to help convey the reach of your posts here