Kulawat The Eidos

Kulawat Wongsaroj is an Agile coach goes entrepreneur trying to solve the world problem of inhumane Agile project collaboration tools. In the quest for the best agile tool, none was uncovered so he found Proteus Agility in Thailand with the mission to build Eidos, the humane software for human. Prior to the startup life, Kulawat has been doing software development, project management, and consulting for various enterprises in Thailand, US, Australia and New Zealand.

Kulawat is the lead translator of Agile Manifesto Translation project for Thai language and also the founder of Agile66.com, the largest Agile community in Thailand. He was a major contributor in key Agile tech conferences in Thailand such as Agile Thailand and Agile Tour Bangkok. He regularly preaches about Agile in Thailand tech gathering and conducts Agile training for Thai software companies.

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