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Proposed new code of conduct for all Stack Exchange sites
96 votes

I find the phrase Be civil. Attacking or harassing individuals based on gender, sexual orientation, disability, gender identity, age, race, or religion – and any and all other type of personal ...

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A Moose, Some Silly Putty ... And A Desperate Plea For Help
72 votes

How about a pi-rate hat: Materials: warm hat, sharpie (black and silver), paper, scissors, tape. A pirate hat might be awarded for having an answer accepted after another answer was initially ...

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Should this edit really have been rejected?
11 votes

I think the correct way to approach this is to write a comment, and let the author make the change. Or write another "correct" answer.

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How to discourage poorly researched homework questions and answers that don't show their work (intermediate steps)?
10 votes

When you "help" people with their homework, you are not really helping them (in the sense that they don't learn very much if they copy someone else's answer). But it is their responsibility - they ...

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Login page problem
Accepted answer
7 votes

When you first logged in to Stack Overflow, a cookie was placed on your machine which remembers your login. Next time you go to any Stack Overflow related page, you will be recognized because of this ...

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A case of mistaken identity, or, "You can't vote for your own post" on somebody else's post
5 votes

I just ran into this same issue. The sequence of events (maybe this helps reproduce): First to answer a question Started editing my answer - but needed to create a diagram, which required updating ...

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If I hit the daily rep cap and then get downvoted, does it still count towards badges?
4 votes

Here is what happened to me yesterday / today - and as Jon said, "it sucks for the last vote of the day to be a downvote" (at this point, with that particular answer standing at +70/-3, it sucks a lot)...

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How about hiding answer score for first few hours?
2 votes

I believe I have seen exactly what the OP is talking about. A question is asked that has a "quick but incomplete" answer, or a "slow answer that includes an explanation". Two people start answering - ...

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what's best: post full or partial source code as answer?
0 votes

You ask a complex question that I frequently struggle with myself. Looking for an answer I stumbled onto your question, but I feel the answers so far don't really address what you asked. I will share ...

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