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333 votes

Why is SE removing links and community ads about a legal fund campaign?

66 votes

How can we put pressure on Stack Exchange Inc. without damaging the community?

35 votes

Checking in with moderators that suspended their activity

22 votes

How can we help Monica Cellio?

18 votes

Suggestions for Winter Bash 2019

17 votes

Moderator elections in beta sites?

7 votes

Request: Don't delete duplicate questions with unique titles and please think twice before downvoting them

6 votes

Help me opine about a new election system

4 votes

University Ambassadors for SE community promotion

3 votes

Can we have cross-site badges?

2 votes

Are moderators required to write real answers to posts questioning their actions?

1 vote

What can be done to keep users active in the commitment phase?

0 votes

Shouldn't bounty sponsor get some reputation for upvoting the sponsored question?

0 votes

Show the reason given for a close vote before the question gets closed

-1 votes

What should the criteria be for Stack Exchange sites to leave beta?

-2 votes

As per the new data retention policy, when will inactive accounts now be deleted?

-2 votes

Why not auto-convert posts made by deleted users to community wiki?

-4 votes

Is it time for a SE Volunteer Labor Union or similar organization?