Senior developer for oceanographic sensor manufacturer writing internal tools. Current stack, JavaScript, Node, CSS, PHP, MySQL. Nearly everything we do is done with serial ports to talk to our instruments, and sockets to talk between our JS front end, a client side server widget that lets us talk to hardware via Node, and a PHP backend that talks to MySQL. We are porting our legacy calibration and device certification software (C, C++, C#, VB6) over to web applications. Eventually we'll be able to calibrate all our devices, and provide certificates via web apps.


Test engineer, budding iPhone dev, know a bit about QT localization. Good with shell scripts in Linux & Windows.

Learning HTML, CSS, JS + PhoneGap / Cordova, jQuery-UI, jQTouch, jQuery Mobile, etc.

Goal: get an app into the app store.

Currently working as a dev doing XML & MySQL stuff in C# and learning about tweaking schemas, LINQ to XML & database migration.

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