My name is Bernard. Thank you for using your time to read about me. With this summary, I want to make recruiting as easy as possible for you.

How do I work? (up to 8h invisible non-stop action)

I am a practical, curious and logical person. I get enthusiastic about facts, almost any facts. I need a peaceful no-nonsense work environment with clear boundaries. I believe in realistic expectations for a good work-life balance. I aim to create and maintain efficient communication at work. I value listening and sharing opinions with my colleagues. I handle and provide straightforward criticism. Honesty and integrity are much appreciated. Meetings can be a blessing or a curse. Use with caution!

For maximum results keep out of office

I work remotely. I’ve been working fully from home for the past year. Yes, even when nobody is watching. I enjoy being a remote worker, I’m happier, better at my job and everyone around me benefits from it.

Did you know?

I am not attached to one city or country. Relocation is an opportunity and my home is anywhere a computer can be set up. I also need a garden for my cats. I have three young children, two boys and a girl. They don’t like my beard and they think my job is to type random coloured words and say hi to a webcam.

Questions or comments?

Get in touch!

P.S. Save yourself some time if you expect me to be a ninja, rock star, wizard or superhero, I’m not. I’m not a jedi either, I’m more like a Galen Erso.

Best before JULY 2050

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