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26 votes

Problems with Stack Overflow's reputation/point system

24 votes

What do you dislike with Stack Overflow?

19 votes

Community-led deletionism: a protocol for sanity

17 votes

Do the top answerers have secondary accounts to post questions?

16 votes

Why is it that properly formulating your question (for stackoverflow) often yields you your answer

15 votes

Is it bad to ask questions on Stack Overflow that are easily searchable on Google?

8 votes

Comments are still extremely rude. How can we get more people to flag these?

7 votes

Is Stack Overflow's content protected?

6 votes

Are there "automatic" upvotes for high reputation users?

5 votes

Does JavaScript and jQuery mean the same thing?

4 votes

Programmer Day. Do you celebrate it?

4 votes

Are Shakespeare's monkeys here?

3 votes

Should wrong but funny answers be posted?

3 votes

To change the 30-second time limit in comments

3 votes

Is Tactical Down-Voting ever valid?

3 votes

Should I work really hard to get back on the first page of users on Stack Overflow, or try to get a life?

2 votes

Moderator permanent deletion of content is wrong

2 votes

Can we get a [block] or [ignore] feature so we never have to see someone's posts again?