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What are Stack Overflow unicoins?
22 votes

Unicoins are useless and may become illegal as bitcoins. Do you want to go in jail? Give me yours now and you'll avoid problems. My unicoin account is @4pr1lf00l. Thanks.

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Eeek! Stack Exchange devs have devoured the lolcat
19 votes

There is also an blue-eyed unicorn: Edit: as requested by Sha Wiz Dow Ard, here is the proof.

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Unicoins: Is it really a good idea?
7 votes

Is this really funny? Yes. Creating a virtual currency based on unicorns is funny. But when people believe in it on April Fool's day, it's hilarious.

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Implement cross-site posting rate limits to slow down spammers
6 votes

This is very unlikely that a new user have interesting questions for 3 different SE websites (moreover for 11 websites!). I suggest to apply a rate limit for more than 2 websites. This would keep ...

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Is there a way to view the number of unique views for a question on a mobile device?
4 votes

Number of views is hidden on the mobile version of the site. Click on the full site link at the bottom of the page to view the desktop version of the site, then the number of views will be displayed ...

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