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Who I am

I am currently a nontraditional student finishing a bachelor of science degree in general studies. I volunteer in my neighborhood, my community, in politics, and advocacy. I plan to work in community development when I return to the workforce.

My operating system

I started using Linux many years ago with Red Hat. I have switched back and forth between Windows and Linux, but usually have a dual boot setup. I use the current or LTS release of Kubtuntu most of the time. I only switch to Windows when it is absolutely necessary.

I use a few applications with Wine that are simply unavailable for Linux. I try to use a Linux application whenever possible, mostly a GNU or KDE application.


I enjoy playing with my computer, gardening, watching television, and reading. I am a good cook and a decent baker. I enjoy eating what I make more than cleaning up the mess. I am not a serious gardener, but I've managed to produce beautiful flower and edible fruit and vegetables. I like to have a well-kept yard, but I don't deal well with the heat of midsummer.

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