Jeff Atwood

  1. To make it clear I'm NOT the former Jeff Atwood. We just happen to share a common name.

    1. The picture you see in my profile is NOT ME. I just don't want to put my face for everyone to see with all the things that happen nowadays.

    2. Everyone has the freedom to do what he wants if that doesn't constitute an harm to someone else, whether psychologically or physically, which isn't in my case because of point 1. and 2.

    3. If you're in the mood to harass me or call me a troll because of some strange reason/s you may have, goto point -> 1. 2. & 3. and read CAREFULLY.

Now coming to the juice..I'm a web developer and designer, who mainly develops with Drupal and mostly on Ubuntu or some of his derivatives.

I also always search for/experiment innovative services/technologies/ and often optimize what already exists on the web.

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