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Daniel Dropik
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I am presently a student at the University of Wisconsin - Madison pursuing my bachelors in the computer science department.


I have been involved with web development for about 3 years. I started off as an intern at the UW Extension Waukesha County, where I helped organize and lead social media marketing, SEO, web analytics, graphic web design, and wordpress cms management.

I transferred to UW-Madison and was hired as a student employee into the Administrative Computing Services department in the College of Agriculture and Life Science. My present responsibilities include creating & maintaining WordPress themes/plugins, website management, Continuous Integration management, and client liaison.

Skills & Tools:

WordPress development, CSS3, HTML5, PHP, MySQL, javascript, Grunt.js, Gulp.js, sass,compass, emmet, VIM, JQuery, SVG, SSH, apache, FTP, Vagrant, Virtual Private Servers, Git, Atlassian Bamboo CI


I am interested in learning more about:

DevOps (generally), REST API development, Ruby on Rails, puppet (configuration management), mobile development on android & hybrid mobile development (such as cordova), varnish, redis, and docky.

Contact me:

My portfolio webpage is currently under development.

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