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Greetings !

I have found many answers in Stack Exchange in the past. I have decided to participate in the community after almost a year.

I hope I can give you great answers. I may even find a few friends on this site !

About me :

I may be a rare type of internet user. I read a lot and have a huge bookmark list. I can't spend a day without working to hone my skills or making something great. Learning something new makes me smile.

I don't consider virtual forum users as strangers. Feel free to talk anything with me or ask questions. Don't send me too many requests at once.

From time to time, I like to spend a day to make a list of utilities I would like, browse for them, select using some criteria and download. After downloading, I test and uninstall one to two thirds of the downloads. I end up with something useful. Those days helped me find some programs that I still use today. Of those programs, there's a few that got upgraded to full.

I know a few programming languages and I use them mostly for my own use. I hope I would get to talk to you one day if we have something to share.

Have a good day !

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