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I am Ziyan, a computer engineer from Colombo Sri Lanka. As a kid I wanted to be a pilot. I loved the suite and the idea of flying every day. Today I work as a freelance software engineer building awesome apps and the occasional sweeping the code to hunt bugs.

I first taught my self VB in 2000. Later I learnt many languages thorough classes and books but nothing felt like the day I wrote my first line of Ruby. It was different and it was elegant and I instantly fell in love. Then recently came Node.js to my bag of tools.

I used to invest my free time on learning some thing new. But am having to keep it at bay until July 2017 as I am interested in completing my website, writing some Ruby tutorials in Sinhalese. Then I intend to look in to mastering React native by doing a mobile app that I always wanted to build. Scala and Erlang would be in the pipeline, which are expected to be touched by the end of this year.

I have been working on Ruby (introduced in my time with Orpiva.com team) for over 5 years. I believe Ruby is really great, it may not be as fast as I would like though. Today I work as an expert Ruby on Rails developer on UpWork.

How about you?

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