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Could we hide who deleted a post from normal users?
19 votes

I am mostly in favour of keeping the status quo and transparently displaying the responsible users, but I see how this got a problem in the situation described in the question. So maybe we should ...

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Commenting and answering with multiple accounts
8 votes

Generally, while having multiple accounts is acceptable, any interaction between them is forbidden. This includes especially anything that allows you to do things which would not be possible with just ...

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Official bots to have different colour username to enable users to differentiate between them and other bots/users
4 votes

There are only probably 3 or 4 official bots I know of, the Community account, the Feeds bot, the Stack-Exchange bot that informs you about room title/topic/tag/owner changes and maybe bots like the ...

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Help us find duplicates efficiently
3 votes

Most popular duplicate close targets have a vote score and/or view count significantly above average. So it would in my opinion already be a great improvement if we simply had a button to sort the ...

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Flagging a deleted post should not give "you don't have permission"
2 votes

Does not seem to be status-completed any more, just now I got this on a rude/abusive post on Hinduism.SE: Link to the deleted answer for reference:

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