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I talk, a lot, love to solve puzzles, and genuinely enjoy technology in all its forms. Professionally, I look for problems that people haven't seen and try to find as many creative solutions as possible. I often find myself looking at a problem, talking it over with colleagues, then having a flash of inspiration, solving the issue in the leanest way possible. I have always been a Windows guy, but could' t resist the opportunity to create an Apple Environment. I enjoy finding ways to make things work using as few resources as possible and doing more than thought probable. In my off time, I play video games and read anything I can get my hands on. I spend time with my daughter finding new things and experiences, and with my girlfriend going on various adventures. I'd like to find myself getting more into planning and designing systems, and affecting corporate IT Infrastructure. I'm a big believer in device agnosticism and would love the opportunity to create a truly mixed environment with desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone integration.

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