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296 votes

GPT on the platform: Data, actions, and outcomes

236 votes

What about the community is "toxic" to new users?

218 votes

Updates to the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

180 votes

The company’s commitment to rebuilding the relationship with you, our community

146 votes

We're rolling back the changes to the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

131 votes

Checking in with moderators that suspended their activity

127 votes

Thank you, Robert Cartaino

96 votes

Brace yourselves: The GDPR is coming!

95 votes

Is the Teachers' Lounge toxic, if so why?

92 votes

Our Design Vision for Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange network

91 votes

We’ve removed the option to disable the fixed top bar

88 votes

Who cut the cheese?

86 votes

Feedback for The Loop: March 2020

80 votes

Responding to the Lavender Letter and commitments moving forward

77 votes

Announcing Our Amazing 2018 Stuff-A-Way!

74 votes

Rollout of new network site themes

74 votes

What should we be looking to change and what is inviolable?

71 votes

Thank you, Catija

66 votes

Introducing the Moderator Council - and its first, pro-tempore, representatives

64 votes

The Stack Exchange reputation system: What's working? What's not?

55 votes

Stack Overflow for Teams is now free for up to 50 users, forever

55 votes

Change in roles for Jon Ericson (leaving SE)

53 votes

Is everything OK at Stack Exchange now?

49 votes

Changes to answer sorting menu: moving menu, "Newest" sort option, renaming sort options

46 votes

What we really need to know to understand your community

46 votes

Questions about the new minimum age for diamond moderators

41 votes

What should be next for community events?

40 votes

Farewell Yaakov and thanks for the haiku!

39 votes

Seeking your input on redesigning our post summary component

39 votes

Announcement: Teresa Dietrich leaves Stack

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