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Emacs and Org-mode in Mac OS

  • if you need ⎋ ESC+right, just type ⌥ option+right.

  • If you need ⎋ ESC+⇧ shift+right, just type ⌥ option+⇧ shift+right.

  • If you need ⎋ ESC all the time in MacBook Pro Touch Bar model, just type ⌃ control+[. As miss Touch Bar is so cute, ⎋ ESC sometimes disappears.

  • I removed all buttons from unintentional miss-Touch Bar, such as Siri, Volume Control, Brightness Control, etc. Only My ⎋ ESC. Nothing except one ⎋ ESC is in my miss-Touch Bar. No more miss-Touch. I finally got the best Emacs machine ever.

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