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Is there a way to see how the markup of a per-site meta answer is formed?
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More easily, if the post hasn't been edited, copy the post id contained in the URL shown by clicking on "share" below the post (the first number, e.g. for this answer that is 273594) and go to the URL ...

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Backticks don't work with strikethrough in chat
3 votes

status-norepro on my side: (Google Chrome 47.0.2526.80 64-bit / Ubuntu GNOME 15.10 64-bit) When you send `---Strike---` the message is temporarily shown as Strike before updating and becoming ---...

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Questions are not properly sorted by close votes in 10k tools page
2 votes

On Ask Ubuntu I'm experiencing a slightly different problem, which apparently is not really with the sorting of the questions and rather with the caching of the number of pending close votes: Opening ...

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Sandbox archive
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Testing if links to YouTube are actively inhibited and this bug is reproducible (Preview doesn't match actual answer). Seems like that's not the case (same result without this header). 'Bugger' ...

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Convert link only answers into comment instead of deleting them
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I've been thinking about this. I would like to see this implemented, but only for link-only answers, and not for answers that should be a comment on someone's post. Reasoning behind this: Often ...

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