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Designed and partly built Continuous Deployment chain for two projects (Färdtjänst, Cxense Display), connected to QA (SonarQube).

Participated in projects including system integration (ERP), integration monitoring, Internet publishing, WWW retail, GPS coordinate lookup, vcs migration, multimedia and others; as architect, programmer, tester and team lead.

Mainly worked in Unix environments (Solaris/HP/Linux), also OpenVMS. Administered Linux.

Lead teams from size of 2 to 9 members. Held training sessions (classroom/hands-on).

Contributor to open source projects, e.g. STLSoft, Pantheios (C++), Git::Hooks (Perl). See below for my own open source projects.


  • Operating Systems: Unix/Linux (Debian, Ubuntu), OpenVMS, AmigaOS.
  • Programming languages: C, C++ (11/14), Java, COBOL, Eiffel, PL/SQL.
  • Scripting languages: Perl, Bash (Unix Shell), DCL, Rexx.
  • Other Technologies: ZeroMQ, Tuxedo, IBM MQ, EDI Mapping, XML, Gigaspaces.
  • Databases: Oracle, DB2, PostgreSQL, MySQL.

Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP), Apprentice Perl Wizard

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