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Flask, Microservices, APIs, Webscraping, requests, and BeautifulSoup are just a few of my favorite tools and libraries in works I've worked with extensively over the last 6-7 years. Self-taught, maybe 3 formal college classes pertaining to CS before realizing how much I hated conventional learning.

I tend to learn on-the-fly, as-needed, because I find I'm better able to adapt that way instead of trying to remember every last shred of documentation or syntax in a language or library. My Google-fu is pretty well-mastered. I focus on whichever language is needed at the time, having dabbled in Kodi Media Center Add-On development, Home Assistant & Automation Apps like Tasker to name a few of the side project areas of interest. I also love consuming REST APIs, but have also created one full-fledged one myself and plenty of microservice ones along the way.

I mostly love working with Python & jQuery and never had the chance to fully-learn newer front-end JS libraries such as Vue.js (but would love to focus on this one) and the same goes for infrastructures such as AWS. Thus far in my professional career I've worked for relatively small companies that don't have full-fledge development teams, so the on-the-job learning opportunities are few-and-far between. Especially when it comes to be taught new infrastructures, languages, or frameworks.

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